The Mission

Human lives are guided by process. We schedule our days, weeks, months around events and tasks that must occur in a specific order according to our plan. At points in our lives, we feel as though we have lost our plans.

Life by Design adresses the problem of feeling lost. By encouraging users to be introspective and define their strengths and weaknesses, they can re-introduce process to their lives more effectively. Life by Design helps users break down their time into a clear set of steps. The process presents a path toward their goals, or a path toward discovery.

Life by Design is an exploration and visualization of the Enneagram
personality system. 

The Deliverable

In addition to visual identities for each type, I created

  • A two question test that allows users to discover their type in 60 seconds (based on an official test that takes 10 minutes)
  • An exhibit display of each type where users could discover their own type and relevant information.
  • Takeaways for each type, including wallet sized cards with helpful reminders based on strengths and weaknesses, a sticker of each type logo, and a wallet sized test for users to discover the types of their peers.
  • Large NFC tag icons for easy digital download of information for each type. Users who saw the exhibit were able to tap their phones to large icons and instantly start a download of specific type information.


To take the test yourself, interact with the embedded window to the left.

The Enneagram

I wanted to create a tool that allowed users to explore personal introspection in a user friendly way that didn't feel like work, unlike many existing planning tools. 

The goal was to increase accessibility of users who may not otherwise be inclined to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. The idea stemmed from working with students and recent graduates who were disheartened by how unprepared they felt for the professional world. 

I decided on studying the Enneagram after months of research due to its highly applicable and understandable nine personality types, which isn't always true for more well known tests such as Myers Briggs or the Gallup Strengths Finder.

The project began with my book on living life with process, and stayed true to my original mission of introducing process into our
everyday lives.

The Types

To see more information on your type, click the link on the left with your corresponding type number.

Each link downloads a zip file containing:

  • Your type poster pdf with a simple description, your relationship with each other type, and your type logo.
  • A business card sized pdf with helpful tips specific to your type.
  • A business card sized pdf with the two question test.

Click here to download supplemental process poster pdfs.

Click here to download all materials listed above.

The Exhibit

The project culminated with an interactive exhibit that was displayed for two weeks at the University of Minnesota. Users were able to discover their type, view their relationships with other types, and take helpful tools home with them for immediate use or further exploration.