This project served as an update of the Duluth Pack brand. The rebrand consists of a logo and logotype, stationary, business card and postcard design, as well as a full graphic standards manual.

Graphic Standards

The graphic standards manual includes brand variation, limitations for type size and color, as well as examples of fair use for implementation.

Below is an exploration into how not to use the brand.


The custom designed typeface that I call "Moose" is inspired by Didot and other modern typefaces. It reflects the strength and durability of the products created by Duluth Pack while creating an accessible and approachable brand.

While my ideation began with primarily harsh, blocky typefaces and imagery, I ultimately decided that the humanistic qualities of the brand weren't showing through. The end result is pictured below.


My ideation process began with several variations on a theme. Initial digital renders of several ideas are pictured to the left.